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What's the procedure for the new oxygen station?

1, the local development and Reform Commission or government departments responsible for the industry's approval; need to write investment projects.

2, environmental assessment must be carried out by the local government environmental protection department; need to write environmental assessment reports.

3, must refer to the national standard to accept the identification of the local government technical supervision department, the production process and product samples to meet the relevant national standards.

4, must apply for the local government in charge of production safety department (safety supervision and Management Committee) to review the entire production process, and issue license qualification.

What is the core component of PSA oxygen making?

The core parts of the system is PSA/VPSA oxygen molecular sieve, molecular sieve nitrogen high performance should have high adsorption capacity, selective adsorption of the strong diffusion rate, excellent and sufficient strength, this is the basic guarantee for the reliability of oxygen equipment. Bayer has the leading position in the field of oxygen molecular sieve, and its sales volume ranks first in Europe, America and china. Bayer has the perfect molecular sieve testing equipment and dynamic simulation device. At present, only a few molecular sieve manufacturers in the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries have such testing equipment. There is no perfect molecular sieve detection equipment it is impossible to produce excellent quality of the molecular sieve, no dynamic simulation device can not be perfect for one molecule selective process optimal, because the static test data and can comprehensively evaluate the performance of the molecular sieve, a dynamic test data is the basis for the design of industrialization.

Main power equipment for PSA oxygen making

The main power equipment of PSA oxygen making system is piston type air compressor or screw type air compressor. The most important part of power equipment is roots vacuum pump, because the economic benefits of the whole VPSA oxygen generating equipment, in addition to the impact of investment costs, especially the impact of the vacuum pump power consumption is the largest. The imported vacuum pump is more expensive, while the domestic roots vacuum pump manufacturer, Zhangqiu blower plant using TAIKO technology in Japan, and to meet the vacuum, VPSA oxygen system processes different advanced technology, reliable quality. The other main power equipment roots blower of VPSA oxygen making system is more mature in China, and the products of Zhangqiu blower factory are more mature.

How to judge the reliability of PSA oxygen stabilization?

The reliability of the continuous operation of PSA/VPSA oxygen generating system depends largely on the reliability of pneumatic switching butterfly valve. First of all, it should have enough operation life, secondly, it has high sealing ability and very short opening and closing time. In general large oxygen equipment imported switching butterfly valve, double eccentric structure, while the multi eccentric structure when used for frequent air valve and the valve seat, valve actuator and multi eccentric structure of the valve body under pressure is too large, so the high wear and short service life.

What are the methods of air separation?

Answer: the main components in the air are oxygen and nitrogen, which exist in molecular states, respectively. It is the smallest molecular particles to maintain the original properties, the diameter of the magnitude in 10-3cm, and very much the number of molecules, and kept in random motion, therefore, in the air of oxygen and nitrogen molecules are uniformly mixed together with each other, they should be separated is more difficult. There are 3 main separation methods at present.

(1) low temperature method

The first air through the compression and expansion of air cooling, until liquefaction, gasification temperature by oxygen and nitrogen (BP) different (under atmospheric pressure, the boiling point of nitrogen and oxygen 90K, the boiling point is 77K), relative to the low boiling point of nitrogen oxygen to gasification of this characteristic, in the distillation column to allow the steam temperature and temperature the higher the lower liquid continuous contact, liquid nitrogen in more evaporation, more oxygen in the gas condensate, the increased nitrogen content in the steam rising, the oxygen content of nasty liquid increasing, in order to achieve the air separation. In order to liquefy the air, it is necessary to cool the air below 100K, which is called deep freezing. The process of separating liquid and air by boiling point is called rectification process.

(2) adsorption method

It is made by filling the air with a porous material adsorption tower -- molecular sieve, molecular sieve using selective adsorption characteristics of different molecules, by molecular sieve with strong adsorption properties of nitrogen molecules, allowing oxygen molecules through the oxygen gas so as to obtain high purity. Due to the limited adsorption capacity of adsorbent, when the adsorption of a molecule reached saturation, there is no ability to continue adsorption, the need to be adsorbed substances to drive away, in order to restore the ability to adsorb. This process is called "regeneration"". Therefore, in order to ensure continuous gas supply, more than two adsorption towers should be used alternately. This method has the advantages of simple process, convenient operation and low operation cost. However, it is difficult to obtain high purity products, and the purity of the product is about 93%.

(3) membrane separation method

It is the permeation selectivity of some organic polymeric membranes. When the air passes through the membrane (0.1 M) or the hollow fiber membrane, the penetration rate of oxygen through the membrane is about 4~5 times of that of nitrogen, thus the separation of oxygen and nitrogen can be realized. This method is simple, easy to operate, quick to start, less investment, but the oxygen concentration is generally suitable for 28% ~ 35%, the scale is only suitable for medium and small, so it is only suitable for oxygen enriched combustion and medical care. It has been applied in glass furnace at present.

What does it mean to say that a bottle of oxygen has 6m3 oxygen?

Volume, and the volume of gas is inversely proportional to absolute pressure:

Therefore, the volume of oxygen filled into 0.1MPa is 0.04m3 x (14.9+0.1) MPa/0.1MPa=6m3.

If the bottle does not reach the rated pressure, that is not enough amount. Of course, the temperature also has some influence on the volume of inflation. Because the absolute pressure is proportional to the temperature (K), when the temperature is high, even though the same pressure is reached, the actual inflation rate is less than that of the low temperature.

Because the pressure in the oxygen bottle is high, it cannot be regarded as an ideal gas strictly. It is necessary to modify the equation of state of ideal gas:


The correction coefficient of z-- varies with temperature, pressure and gas type, which is called compressibility coefficient. Oxygen at 293K and 14.9MPa, z=0.944.