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About US
The birthplace of Kunshan Jinhu Machinery Co. Ltd., Kunshan Yi oxygen air separation technology Co. Ltd. is located at the Kunshan opera, east of Shanghai, west of Suzhou, is located at the east gate of Jiangsu, the traffic is very convenient. The company is committed to the development and manufacture of gas equipment professional enterprise, has a good technical advantages in the PSA technology, renowned industry and high-tech companies in many fields with advanced technology, high quality and efficient service. At present, the company has accumulated many years of production experience and user experience, and learned from the relevant high-tech achievements at home and abroad, has a systematic R & D, production, after-sales maintenance and other technologies. Companies always rely on scientific and technological progress, enhance the strength of enterprises, and closely follow the pace of technological development, and constantly improve the performance of various types of products, and constantly develop high-tech, high-quality, more suited to the current market quality new products

We offer a variety of oxygen solutions:

Ozone system oxygen solution

Solution of oxygen enriched dispersion system

Oxygen combustion solution

Petroleum, natural gas, coal is the earth's precious natural resources after billions of years, mankind through continuous development and utilization of these resources has greatly promoted the development of social material civilization today, dramatic changes in the excessive use of fossil resources also caused the earth's climate, extreme drought, storm, flood, extremely cold and harsh the frequent occurrence of climate, the mankind is facing the severe challenges of the deterioration of the living environment. The vision of the oxygen industry is to develop the environmental protection industry and be the Green Guardian of the earth! To shoulder the sacred mission of oxygen Tongren, together with customers to build a sustainable development performance, in the production of high quality products and material civilization to protect the environment, promote the harmonious coexistence between man and earth, expand human glorious sustainable future road! As an enterprise that pays attention to environmental protection and sustainable development. Therefore, in the production of the above product series, under the full consideration of "energy conservation" premise, to ensure that the customer "convenient, safe and stable" products.

We promise:

Treat every client sincerely. We listen to the voice of customers, to meet customer needs, to help them solve technical problems. Earnestly implement the convenient, safe and environmental stability management system and control measures.

We offer:

  • Solutions for advanced customization
  • Rich and perfect products
  • Deep drilling for many years of professional technology
  • Uncompromising standards of implementation


The oxygen guaranteed goods are completely new, unused, manufactured with the latest design and suitable materials, and conform to the quality, specification and performance of the contract in all respects. After the correct installation and commissioning of the oxygen guarantee equipment, the economic and technical indexes of the product can be reached within 15 days after the feeding operation of the whole system. The oxygen guarantee shall be responsible for any defects, failures and damages caused by the design, process, manufacture, installation, commissioning or material defect caused by the design, process, manufacture, installation, commissioning or material defect within the stipulated quality guarantee period. The quality guarantee period, found the quality or specifications of the goods are not in conformity with the contract, or the goods defective (including latent defect or the use of substandard materials etc.), both parties shall have the right to bid according to the test results, the warranty period within easy to claim the quality of the goods in oxygen. The written promise of oxygen supply guarantees the mechanical and operational performance of the equipment, guarantees the quality and capability of the product, and guarantees the consumption index of the product. Responsible for the implementation of lifelong service easy oxygen to the equipment, the buyer will be with the development of technology and the time for the product and software upgrades or replacement, and according to the need to upgrade or replace the principal to oxygen, oxygen easily in the bidding documents should be in accordance with the commitment to give preferential fees.

Environmental responsibility:

Yi oxygen is an enterprise that pays attention to environmental protection and sustainable development. Our products and systems have the characteristics of environmental protection, energy conservation and sustainable development. At the same time, we are well aware of the responsibility of being an important environmentalist. Yi has been thinking about the environmental degradation brought about by the development of science and technology, and has been trying to find a perfect balance between technology development and environmental protection, which is what we are doing now. Facing the sustainable development of the future ecology, we are not only an environmental protection enterprise, but also an innovative science and technology enterprise.

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