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Important recognition

Moke. By virtue of their own professional technology and rich experience, has also received strong support from the society and the media industry of domestic and foreign industry associations must at the same time.

Unite the industry and promote development together

Moke it is a high-tech enterprises, has joined the KNX, DALI, ESTA, Chinese Intelligent Building Construction Industry Association Branch, China building energy conservation association and other 13 famous domestic and foreign industry associations and academic groups. With many associations, member units and experts to discuss the latest smart technology, and jointly promote the development of the industry.

A school enterprise, a total of talent training

Moke knows the importance of talent. In the cultivation of talents of the mission, Moke to major colleges and universities to provide facilities and equipment, let the students accumulate experience and knowledge of the actual operation. Moke it now is home to 11 colleges and universities teaching practice base. South China Normal University Guangzhou University Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts Guangzhou city | | | | | Guangdong Baiyun University Career Technical College......

Participate in a number of domestic and international industry standard construction

  • "Control network technology specification of HBES — — home and building control system" standard Cenbian units (International KNX standard)
  • 《Intelligent home design specification》The first through the provincial review of smart home industry standards
  • 《Design and installation of intelligent lighting control system》Atlas compiling unit
  • 《Centralized centralized control platform and standard for audio and video lighting network》The main drafting units and technical unit leader

Smart home demonstration Museum

It Moke intelligent residential experience center as a carrier to simulate intelligent life, intelligent integration of the 33 subsystems, through 16 functional areas of experience including living room, bedroom, restaurant etc.. At present, through the acceptance of 13 smart home industry organizations, to become its recommended smart home experience center. We are:

  • The first demonstration center of digital home industry alliance in China
  • Innovating China's Alliance for enterprise development and innovating China's intelligent life experience center
  • The smart studio Guangzhou line experience center Moke.
  • Smart building industry demonstration experience home smart home
  • China smart home industry alliance recommended Experience Center

Industry accreditation