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Oxygen enriched combustion supporting

It is because of the advantages of oxygen enriched combustion, in recent years, many owners of furnaces and kilns have begun to attempt oxygen enriched combustion transformation of furnaces. Kunshan easy oxygen air separation technology Co. Ltd. by virtue of their own advantages in the oxygen making machine, involved in the renovation project some furnaces, tailored to customers and provide oxygen equipment, oxygen supply scheme corresponding to the owners. At present, several sets of blast furnace oxygen rich supply equipment have been successfully put into production, which has brought great economic benefits to the owners.

Through the data of the project analysis, before the use of oxygen enriched combustion, by refining 1 tons of ore fuel 420kg, enriched with 23% oxygen content after combustion, refining 1 tons of ore fuel used only 290kg, and the yield per unit time increased. Every 1 tons of ore refining fuel saving 120kg oxygen, remove oxygen water and electricity costs, a conservative estimate of extra income every day than before the transformation after transformation, an increase of 3000 yuan or more, so that less than half the time will be able to recover the oxygen station construction cost, and enter the profitable state.