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Large oxygen rich dispersion oxygen making equipment

High altitude oxygen concentration by VPSA oxygen diffusion type oxygen generating unit, the oxygen supply center by bus by air system ratio of oxygen enriched gas into science, oxygen enriched gas filled the entire diffusion oxygen supply pipeline, leading to the room, each unit area to set up a monitoring meter, automatic monitoring of oxygen pressure and oxygen content in the district. After the gas expert demonstration, open the room air vent switch, after a short period of time, the room oxygen content can reach more than 25%, to achieve the desired effect, can provide comfortable oxygen enriched environment.

This method for oxygen oxygen source concentrated in the densely populated building units, such as office buildings, teaching buildings, shopping malls, hotels, hotels and other places, the source of hyperbaric oxygen after decompression, transported to the various units of space through the pipeline, the sealing socket is provided with a quick plug-in gas terminal in all, gas equipment plug (oxygen humidifier, ventilator can supply etc.)