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Indoor environmental pollution no longer pester you

2017-10-9 16:13:42

Expert detection found that there are more than 500 kinds of volatile organic compounds in indoor air, of which there are more than 20 carcinogens, more than 200 kinds of pathogenic viruses. A large number of shocking facts have confirmed that indoor air pollution has become a "invisible killer" endangering human health".

The main culprits of indoor pollution are interior decoration materials, such as particleboard, fiberboard, substandard wood flooring, plywood, paint coatings, etc.. Formaldehyde mainly comes from plywood, plates and adhesives used in houses, and ammonia mainly comes from antifreeze urea, excreta, etc. in cement during winter construction. As the largest Jiezhuang products on behalf of laying ground decoration materials - wood floors can be said to be green and healthy, but you know what? Oudian homesick floors are also environmentally than solid wood flooring products, take a look:

In formaldehyde pollution raging today, our thinking more and more attention to the floor Home Furnishing environmental problems, in the choice of natural wood and formaldehyde free substrate under the condition of the wood floor brush on the negative ion coating, let the wood floor has the function of releasing negative ions.

1. Purify the air

Negative ion release products quickly to micron level and in air is dust, soot, PM2.5 ions, through positive and negative ions, formation of molecules attract collision can sink landing, degradation and reduction of formaldehyde and other volatile organic gases, the European Code of floor homesick can play the role of air purification, while keeping indoor the air is fresh, from the root of killing indoor environmental pollution are the initiator of evil;

2. Mildew proof and antibacterial

In addition products inhibit fungal agents and antibacterial agent, can give Oudian homesick effective antibacterial floor reproduction and growth, mold, fungi function long resisted by erosion, protecting the floor from the insect ant;

3. Good paint film texture

The negative ion coating adhesion, free grinding, high transparency, the film has excellent texture, natural texture can be the perfect embodiment of our thinking floor in the protection of aldehyde free wood floor at the same time.