Promote "licensed sewage" to eradicate environmental pollution

2017-10-9 16:14:35

It should be emphasized that, for the licensed sewage enterprises, the sewage permit is a kind of "identity card", rather than random "pass", in other words, with a sewage permit, sewage can not be capricious. The implementation of emission permit system, there is no future emission permits and emissions will be affected by the economic, administrative, and even criminal punishment; those who need to discharge all kinds of pollutants to the environment of units or individuals, must apply for the permit procedures prior to the environmental protection department, the environmental protection department approved sewage permit, before discharge. The pollutant to the environment. As the new environmental protection act forty-fifth stipulates: "the implementation of pollution permits management of enterprises and institutions and other production operators shall discharge permit in accordance with the requirements of the discharge of pollutants; without obtaining emission permits, shall not discharge pollutants." Visible, "certificate sewage" is the establishment of long-term management mechanism of pollution sources, to promote pollution reduction work an important starting point, aimed at forcing enterprises technological progress and upgrading of pollution control facilities, accelerate the transformation and upgrading.

In fact, the establishment and implementation of pollutant discharge permit system means the establishment of effective supervision mechanism. According to the implementation plan of the State Council on the control of pollutant discharge permit, the basic principle for determining the issuing authority of emission permits is "territorial supervision", "who issued, and who supervised"". The pollutant discharge permit will be issued to the local environmental protection department, and the enterprises and institutions meeting the requirements should issue pollutant discharge permit in time. From this point of view, the responsibility of local environmental protection departments is even greater. This requires the environmental management functions to further improve the whole process of supervision, but also to strengthen the construction of grass-roots environmental protection, including environmental engineering technicians and environmental protection specialists, formed a professional environmental management personnel, the sewage enterprises to hold emission permits, emission control regulation.

In short, look through the control of the implementation of emissions permit system, to further promote our city sewage treatment work institutionalized, normalized, the formation of the government, enterprises in accordance with the comprehensive control certificate law, joint supervision of social good governance environment atmosphere. So, the construction of "ecological Zhuhai" target, create beautiful scenery, blue sky and a happy home for the public target period.

After my first half finished ahead of 11 thermal power enterprises, the paper industry permit issuance work, according to the requirements of the country, the city will be in the second half of the year in agro food processing, printing and dyeing, electroplating and other 13 key enterprises discharge permit issued by the work. For the effective implementation of the national emission permit policy requirements, speeding up the second half of the city's application and issuance management work permit in July 24th, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau invited the provincial environmental protection experts, responsible for related business training, guide enterprises as soon as possible into the "certified emissions" era).

In May 17th this year, the Ministry of environmental protection audit, the city has become the city of Zhuhai Jinwan power company made the first unified national encoding of emission permits enterprises, permit the first version of the national sewage which is the City Award, marking the national sewage deal has been officially started in the city. In the first half of this year, the city has completed the thermal power paper industry emission permit issued, the industry will be in the second half of the "certificate sewage"". Now, the city began to deploy agricultural and non-staple food processing, printing and dyeing, electroplating and other 13 key industries, the issuance of enterprise sewage permits, Zhuhai fully into the "certificate sewage" era, it is expected.

In order to promote the smooth implementation of the pollution discharge permit system, the city has been fully prepared. For example, in January this year, the Ministry of environmental protection special permits special team led experts to the "Interim Provisions" discharge permit management training, also issued a "Zhuhai city to carry out thermal power, paper industry sewage license management plan", to further clarify the scope, I issued the certificate issued by the authorities and the time limit for application, procedures and other related matters and according to the requirements of society, to take the initiative to the public, the public can supervise the enterprise pollutant emissions. At the same time, in July 1st the implementation of the new "Zhuhai Environmental Protection Ordinance", the first "implementation of the system of" compensation for the use and trading of emission rights into the law, a substantial increase of 7 kinds of illegal fines, among them, 4 kinds of illegal idle, demolition, modification, damage to the source of pollution automatic monitoring equipment the most, punishable by a fine of up to 200 thousand yuan. On this basis, the implementation of pollutant discharge permit system in accordance with the law can be said to be ripe.