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Environmental Protection Bureau of the province discussed how to lay a good fight against pollution control

2017-10-9 16:19:49

Deepening the reform of examination and approval permission system. The State Council recently revised the regulations on environmental management of construction projects, and made new regulations on simplifying environmental approvals. Environmental protection departments will be in accordance with the requirements of reform, and further optimize the EIA EIA approval process; strengthen the development of strategic environmental assessment, planning, from the perspective of environmental protection industry development plan in advance for the frame, boundary, pull list, realize the control of the source; carry out the "regional EIA + environmental standards" reform, guidance of Jiangbei District 5 pilot development zone (area) simplified, implementation of the project EIA; do not meet the approval before the end of the year, all cities and counties to achieve full online approval.

Speed up the reform of pollutant discharge permit system. Complete the pesticide, electroplating industry issued by the work before the end of October; before the end of December the completion of the steel, cement, flat glass industry 11 issue. At the same time, efforts to promote the evaluation, sewage permit system and environmental impact of total control, emissions trading system, and the effective connection of one enterprise pollution source supervision information platform integration, lay a solid foundation for improving the efficiency of environmental management, improve the quality of the environment.

Strengthen the regulation of environmental economic policies. Mainly, promote the VOCs and the Taihu basin of total phosphorus and nitrogen emissions into the linked evaluation target; comprehensively promote the compensation for the use and emission rights trading system, new, renovation and expansion projects are paid to obtain emission rights, promote thermal power, papermaking industry 15 levy paid the royalties gradually; carry out the ecological environmental damage compensation system the pilot, accelerate the formation of the value of environment, bear responsibility for the damage situation; according to the unified deployment, in conjunction with the tax department to do the preparation work of environmental protection tax.

"263" special action is now in full swing in our province. Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau Director Chen Mengmeng said, the environmental protection departments should strive to play a dominant role in leading the charge on the basis, but also to play a good leading group office of the total catch, coordination, supervision, promote special action continuously towards depth; the environmental protection department led two rule two upgrade "firmly and realistically, and use the environmental protection measures and promote the reduction of coal, reducing" the task of ecological civilization construction; good target assessment, the provincial environmental protection inspectors point, collaboration to promote the "263" special action.

Environmental supervision is a sharp sword to solve environmental problems and implement environmental protection responsibility. On the central environmental protection inspector rectification, the national requirements before the end of August submitted to the State Council issues rectification and accountability, and to the public. From the investigation, our province chemical industry park health protection distance relocation, reducing coal reduction progress in the implementation of the objectives and tasks, the source of drinking water regulation is lagging behind, must be established in accordance with the time limit and the target, with greater determination, greater efforts to solve. In addition, the first batch of provincial environmental protection inspectors will soon end, and will also organize second batches of 3 districts and municipalities inspectors.

Governance gas, prominent double control double reduction". At present, the ozone pollution problems have become increasingly prominent, since 2013, the province by ozone days exceed the standard of major pollutants accounted for ratio increased from 9% to 52.6%, this year April June reached 87.5%. Our province will be closely linked to PM2.5 and ozone concentration "double control and double reduction", and effectively play the "blue sky" defense battle". Firmly promote the annual 4288 key gas control projects, and strive to over achieve the PM2.5 drop target. VOCs is an important precursor of ground ozone formation, and our province is in full swing to speed up the implementation of 3537 key projects for governance.

Water control, clear three key areas. This year is the key year of the implementation of "water ten", the control requirements, before the end of the province, we must complete the urban sewage treatment standards, black odor water treatment and other 45 "hard task"". Among them, Taihu governance, drinking water source remediation, key cross section standards is the top priority of water control.

In the aspect of soil treatment, we should focus on three things in the year. To start a comprehensive detailed investigation of soil pollution; conscientiously implement the State Council "the prohibition of foreign garbage immigration reform of imported solid waste management system implementation plan", in conjunction with the relevant departments, and resolutely blocked imports of foreign garbage; carry out hazardous waste ", reducing the stock risk control" special action of hazardous waste disposal problems, a serious shortage of capacity of the area, strict implementation from waste project regional restrictions.

Environmental supervision and law enforcement is an important link to prevent and control pollution. Our province will further standardize the environmental law enforcement and punishment, the implementation of the "double random inspection system; strengthen the mobile law enforcement system, law enforcement, law enforcement data upload all on-site implementation of major environmental cases are invalid; collective review system, to further standardize the behavior of administrative penalty.

Reform and innovation is the driving force and source to promote the sustainable and healthy development of environmental protection cause. The environmental protection departments of the province will start from the following aspects, and promote the reform of the ecological and environmental protection system.

Steadily promote the reform of the vertical pipe system. Our province will strictly follow the central guidance, provincial Party committee and provincial government implementation plan and the provincial government launched deployment requirements, and steadily promote environmental protection vertical pipe reform work.