Beware of formaldehyde pollution in new decoration!

2017-10-9 16:22:38

Formaldehyde is a toxic colorless gas with a pungent odor, a lot of decoration materials containing formaldehyde, if the room formaldehyde exceed the standard, will cause harm to human body, serious and even the risk of cancer, and the more serious harm to children. Therefore, in the new house decoration must remove formaldehyde and prevent formaldehyde exceed standard. The next Xiaobian to introduce how to remove formaldehyde and prevent formaldehyde exceed the standard of new house decoration.

Planting green plants: Chlorophytum, aloe and other green plants can be very good to remove the harmful substances in the air. You can prepare some of these plants in advance when the house is decorated, such as house decoration, moved to the new house, placed the master bedroom, sub bedroom, living room, kitchen and other places. Although the plant has weak adsorption capacity, it can also help to improve the indoor environment.

Open the window ventilation: after the bridal decoration completed, remember to open the window ventilation, if no admission, can put all the open windows in the room are open, air circulation, can also reduce the smell in the room. A lot of people think that if you don't smell, you can stop venting. It's wrong to think that. Formaldehyde release period is long, if can not keep the continuity of ventilation, there will be repeated pollution phenomenon. Also pay attention to, although ventilation except formaldehyde has certain effect, but the treatment speed is slow, not suitable for anxious to stay in the family.

Activated carbon adsorption: after the house decoration is completed, you can also buy some activated carbon, activated carbon has a very good adsorption effect, can absorb the new house excessive formaldehyde gas. The prepared activated carbon package, placed in the wardrobe, balcony, TV cabinets and other conspicuous places can be. Many people do not know, activated carbon, short service life, only about half a year, and easily saturated, saturated activated carbon after does not have the governance capacity, therefore need to keep replacing the saturated carbon package only. Many people do not change the carbon package or carbon package replacement is not timely, it will delay the process of indoor pollution control.

Maya blue adsorption: Maya blue is a new research and development of pollution control materials in recent years, physical adsorption of harmful substances, but also the adsorption of pollutants into water and carbon dioxide, will not produce saturation, maternal and child safety. And activated carbon ratio, governance speed and governance ability is better. Although the governance capacity is good, but the price is also higher than the activated carbon, cost-effective, suitable for heavy pollution families use.

In addition to these treatment methods of formaldehyde, in order to minimize formaldehyde pollution, avoid its bad effects on our body, in the decoration of these places need to pay attention to: first, before the renovation should be reasonable planning, decoration materials, decoration materials containing formaldehyde substances, some even appear serious formaldehyde content exceed the standard phenomenon. Therefore, in the decoration must have a reasonable plan, such as wood flooring formaldehyde material, we can use the floor brick and mortar, this can greatly reduce the formaldehyde content in the room.

Secondly, the decoration of the selection of good quality products, decoration, do not covet cheap, try to choose the qualified product, although the quality of good product prices may be higher than the formaldehyde content, but the poor quality of the products is much lower, on human health is also good, it is proposed that in the decoration to choose quality good product.

The above two points can help the owners to control formaldehyde pollution at the source, which is conducive to the subsequent treatment of formaldehyde. I hope this article can help your life.