Environmental inspectors why let this chemical companies realized losses?

2017-10-9 16:25:07

There are a variety of propylene oxide production process, the traditional process of pollution, not friendly to the environment, the high cost of governance, pollution process using chemical hydrogen peroxide method discussed less easy to deal with, but the cost is expensive three hundred or four hundred yuan per ton than the conventional process. Good angel just entering the field of chemical industry, the original, there are so many companies adopt traditional technology on the market, some devices and equipment in 80s. Especially the coastal areas are more concentrated. A lot of enterprises and environmental protection departments "hide and seek", although not in the green Shenhua Energy foot, but five hundred or six hundred yuan per ton of low cost advantage, enough to "swing" discussed chemical in the market.

Vice President Fu Qiang discussed the chemical said: "we have been prepared to incur losses after the industrial transformation and upgrading needs time, but did not expect to lose in a complete mess, sometimes have to stop, start a loss, but will not work well." In the face of huge losses, management also began to query the original decision: advanced technology introduced is a detour?

In order to change the situation of loss, several enterprises for governments at all levels reflect the demands is very simple: do not need to discussed chemical policy, hope the strict implementation of industry environmental standards, environmental standards of the enterprise to stop. Although the company has been calling, but little effect.

Unexpectedly, the problem has been discussed for years plagued the chemical industry fundamentally reversed in the central to increase environmental inspectors in the background. Strict law enforcement in some regions backward technology, environmental pollution Chemical Factory hit, epoxy propane price also gradually return to rational space, discussed the cost of chemical sales spreads narrow, out of the shadow of loss.

"Environmental protection inspectors can save the enterprise, the last day 'burned' about 1000000, now at least daily start without loss."." Reporters in the "chemical city" called Jilin Jilin City interview, hear the local have such a statement". Chemical enterprises are not afraid of environmental inspectors? How does this enterprise benefit from inspectors? With this question, the reporter came to the Jilin city Formosan Union Chemical Corporation discussed visits.

Good angel Chemical General Manager Tian Ji just off the Environmental Protection Inspectorate soon. He excitedly told reporters: "environmental inspectors help enterprises busy, precisely, is to help us with this advanced environmental protection technology in chemical industry."

Originally, the leading international environmental technology in propylene oxide production, the high cost of environmental protection, chemical industry has been in a "good angel technology is a" vicious circle, competition in the market but use the traditional production process, low cost of the enterprise to invest in environmental protection.

"Environmental inspectors carried out in succession in the country, strict examination, many of the traditional crafts production enterprises stopped work, product prices return to reasonable space, environmental protection technology we will show the advantage of the enterprise is close to full load start, began to turn." Field leather theory.

Discussed by the Jilin Shenhua Chemical Group investment and construction, put into operation in 2014, annual production capacity of 300 thousand tons of propylene, become the industry leading enterprises. Originally, Shenhua Group focuses on medicine. Under the background of developing fine chemicals in Jilin and encouraging enterprises to adopt advanced chemical technology, the group has been working with German enterprises to introduce the world's leading environmental protection technology to produce propylene oxide. On the one hand, it is optimistic that propylene oxide is a huge market space for engineering plastics raw materials; on the other hand, it is also considered that advanced environmental protection technology is the direction of the development of chemical industry.

But the enterprise did not expect that, since the investment in the chemical industry, the enterprise is in serious loss quagmire: one day "burn" about 1000000, three years the huge loss of about 1000000000 yuan.

"Thanks to the wrong! It's unfair, and many of the profitable businesses are taking profits from the costs that govern the environment." Tian leather said, "if because of poor management, the market is not good, we also recognize, but these are all no problem, the product is not worried about selling."

Seeing the market better, discussed chemical manner, to further expand the industrial chain downstream of propylene oxide, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Changchun cooperation, to enter the high-end new materials, fine chemical industry, to further improve the technical content.

Speaking of future expectations, Tian leather bluntly: "the only hope is that environmental inspectors can be more stringent, environmental standards, laws and regulations can be more realistic, we compete under fair standards, let the market win or lose."."

"With confidence in the policy and the future, people are willing to invest in upgrading."." "The upgrading of industries and the improvement of environmental protection standards can complement each other," Tian said."