Oxygen combustion system

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Oxygen combustion system

With the international energy supply tight and energy prices rising, many developed countries have put a lot of manpower and material resources of oxygen enriched combustion technology, and is committed to the application of oxygen combustion technology in industrial furnace combustion. Through continuous research, application test has carried out oxygen enriched combustion technology, energy saving, were obtained yield, improve quality, reduce dust emission and prolonging the life of the conclusion, the technology is widely used in various industrial furnaces. With the continuous development of science and technology and the increasing emphasis on environmental protection, energy saving, oxygen rich combustion technology to become more and more important role in the smelting, and will become an important means of energy saving and emission reduction enterprises.

Advantages of oxygen combustion supporting compared with ordinary air combustion

Ignition temperature reduction;

Fast burning speed;

High burning temperature;

Sufficient combustion;

Less smoke emission from combustion;

Why choose oxygen combustion supporting system?

It is easy for high temperature furnace to reach high furnace temperature by oxygen combustion. The combustion temperature is 2800 degrees due to pure oxygen combustion theory, and the actual combustion temperature can reach 2500 centigrade.

Oxygen combustion can reduce the amount of flue gas generated by combustion of air and fuel, and oxygen combustion can reduce the amount of flue gas by about 75%.

As the amount of exhaust gas decreases, the heat lost from the exhaust gas also decreases.

Oxygen combustion reduces the involvement of nitrogen in the air, greatly reducing the production of nitrogen oxides.

Oxygen combustion produces nitrogen free exhaust gas, which is mainly composed of water vapor and high concentration of carbon dioxide. Turning burning waste gas into pure carbon dioxide will be very simple and easy.

The results show that oxygen combustion can increase the heat utilization rate of furnace, and then increase energy utilization ratio, and further achieve the effect of saving fuel.

The increase of combustion speed can increase the output of some furnaces in unit time, and achieve the goal of increasing production without expanding the foundation construction.

Oxygen combustion can be achieved by reforming the heating process to achieve energy saving based on the constant output.
Why do you choose oxygen?

Standardization mechanism of design drawings

Kunshan easy oxygen air is divided into engineering drawings specify strict standards, each project must include: drawing layout, flow diagram, electrical diagram and a full set of drawings, in order to ensure the construction in accordance with the wishes of customers can be ordered with the enterprise standard.


Engineering monitoring and monitoring system

The first to use engineering remote monitoring detection system, the project manager on a regular basis remote viewing equipment operation, such as equipment failure will be the first time sent to the server, and can immediately remote maintenance of equipment failure.


Equipment management mechanism

In order to ensure the equipments run stably for a long time, to control the status and trend of the equipment operation, set up equipment management mechanism, recording equipment running status, summed up the equipment operation status and equipment hidden signs will stifle in the cradle, so can reflect the role and significance of equipment management.


Engineering installation and commissioning management

In the process of engineering construction, the technical support of technical personnel will be provided by the easy oxygen, so as to solve the problems in the construction and provide technical guidance. after completion, oxygen will be responsible for equipment commissioning and commissioning, and ensure that the project to achieve good standards. At the completion of inspection, will meet the requirements of the National Archives Department documented the drawings and technical files information relating to the procurement unit.


Reasonable equipment selection

Easy selection of equipment of oxygen, through the local altitude, humidity, temperature and other parameters of the equipment type selection; and the stable and reliable equipment, and establish the supplier management system in purchasing stage in advanced products, stable and reasonable, for customers to reduce the cost of equipment.


Advanced process

Based on technical foundation and introducing foreign technology, oxygen industry has been strengthening the innovation of PSA technology, leading the trend of PSA oxygen making industry and meeting the demand of customers for oxygen consumption.